New Look

Pubblicato da Distribuzione Olive di Pitturi Sergio su Lunedì 2 ottobre 2017

The company was founded 25 years ago, has always been very well established in the Marche region and, after a challenging investment by the new owner, manages to achieve excellent results outside the region.

The first step towards the increase is given by the creation of a laboratory with the most demanding and selective hygienic – sanitary standards and by a well – structured and well – structured work team with 8 employees between production and office.

Since 2007, after the Italy target, the company has become even more competitive, gaining ground also in foreign markets, serving in addition to countries such as Slovakia, Poland, England, Denmark and the Netherlands, also that of central and southern Italy. America.

It then establishes an excellent relationship with Brazil, thanks to agreements with some local distributors where, soon, it will open a branch to remedy the various logistical problems.

We are present throughout Europe, having launched a line of undisputed quality, focusing above all on quality products, such as Leccino olive, and favoring olives grown in Italy.

Recently we are specializing in small packaging, thus obtaining a low-price line, accessible to all customer targets and a large slice of the market from retail to GDA.

For the near future, we trust in collaboration with other countries that are not too close to us, but commitment, determination and trust will be the way to proceed towards a borderless growth.